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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Additional Resources: Algebra 2

Click here to watch a quick video that shows you where to find additional practice resources for Algebra 2. 

Mr. L

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Algebra 2: 5B video key

Click here for video key to Tuesday's worksheet(the day we had a sub).

Review Packet

  • Click here for the 5A Video Key

  • Click here for the 5B Video Key

Keep working hard, you are all doing a fantastic job.  :)

Monday, February 20, 2012

Calculus: Differential Equations Lesson

2/27/2012  Check out the image below (Problem 18 parts a, b, and c)

2/24/2012  Video key for problems 15 and 17 from packet

Additional Practice with solutions:(1 image is the problems the other is the solutions)

2/23/2012  Video key of 2008 AB #5 (Creating Slope Feild and Solving Differential Equation) (Mr. Lund)

2008 AB #5
2/22/2012:  video of practice problems (Mr. Lund)

2/21/2012  - Yep, I am gone at meetings.  :(  However, I did find a few good videos for you to watch and some practice problems for you.  Below are the videos that I am going to have the sub show in class.  (In the order listed)  You may want to go home tonight and re-watch them.

Khan Intro to Differential Equations
Khan Separable Differential Equations Introduction and Examples
PatrickJMT Separable Differential Equations Example #1
PatrickJMT Separable Differential Equations Example #2
PatrickJMT Separable Differential Equations Example #3

PDF copy of your practice work.  Eventually we will be able to do all of these problems, but we are not there yet.  Take a look at problems 4 - 13 and see if you can do 3 of them for tonight's practice.  I will be checking your practice work tomorrow in class.  :)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Algebra 2 Assessment Key

Below is a copy of the key for today's assessment.

Additional Related Rates Materials for Quiz Prep

Check out the livescribe document below.  You may have to update your Adobe Reader.  Be patient the links can sometimes take a little time to load.  Also, once the recording begins playing you can click anywhere in the document and it will play the audio from that section.

Shadow Speed
Pulling Boat
High Speed Chase

Also, be sure to check out the problems pictured below:

Monday, February 6, 2012

Calculus Related Rates Assessment Problems

Two of the following three problems will be on your Related Rates Assessment.  The third question will be a mystery.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Algebra 2 Introduction to Polynomial Functions + Practice

Click here for the introduction video.

Below is your practice that you will complete once we cover the basics of graphing polynomials in factored form.

Related Rates.

: (   Some how the audio on the videos did not turn out.  So...... below is the link to the page where I found the problems.  I will work on creating new videos tomorrow.  I would do it now but I am heading off to night class.  : )